We are an international Counter Strike Source Community that welcomes players from all over the world and all languages are also welcome in our discord server and our css servers. We don't have special channels for speaking different languages in here we use programs to translate all languages to understand everyone best. You and your friends can always play safely on WAFG with high performance & quality, all our servers are unique and we have several different mods such as DeathMatch and Zombie Games. We who run WAFG are people who have known each other for a long time and love to play Counter Strike Source. in the WAFG project, many people have been involved when we started WAFG in 2020, but the old WAFG V1 was deleted in 2022 and then we built WAFG V2, which today is controlled by the WAFG Team.

WAFG can offer you a safe place to play because here we don't tolerate people who are toxic or racist we want to stand up for Counter Strike Source value because the game is old and it needs good people controlling a CSS Community today.


WAFG  created by ➞ BOSS

WAFG Server Owner ➞ BOSS & Cyclops


WAFG is built with respect and love and thanks to all of you who play here and support us.


How to become an admin in WAFG?

First of all it might be good to introduce yourself and tell a little about yourself, feel free to use our voice channels in discord so our staff can talk to you, therefore your voice reveals a lot about who you are. We don't give admin to people we don't know and even if you've been playing on WAFG for a long time it doesn't mean you can become an admin because if we don't know you or know who you are then the contact you made with us will count as the first once we recognize you.

Being an admin in WAFG

Involves a lot of responsibility, you are not an admin for your own sake, you are there to help and support your community and to be able to collaborate with your team and to achieve that balance we do not allow you to ignore your team or you have many excuses that you don't have time to be here, then you shouldn't be an admin either. You must be able to cooperate with your team and all our players and the languages you do not understand, you can use translation programs to communicate with players who may not know English. We are an international CSS server therefore we do not accept racist opinions here. We have several servers and a large amount of players, therefore we also have to take care of all our players in the best way and give them all the help they need. You should also not use admin commands to abuse other players, then your rights will be taken away from you IMMEDIATELY.

WAFG Family

We are like a big family here in WAFG because many of us have been hanging around for many years since the first Zombie servers were started in Counter Strike Source, that's why we give admin to people we only know but also to people we don't know and this is done by getting to know everyone who wants to be involved in our project. Counter Strike Source is an old game and it needs to be run by the right people there is no room for abusing players or misbehaving with other people or insulting someone's nation or bullying other players. In WAFG we take care of everyone we don't have any rules where we demote Admins we always try to take care of everyone so everything goes but in some cases it still happens that sometimes we have to remove certain people who may not be able to behave or follow our rules.

How do I apply as an admin and how does the process work?

You must go via our Discord server and you can contact anyone in our team after that and we will check you carefully who you are and what your status in WAFG is if you have played a lot here we will also check if you is banned on other servers and then you will get a response within 48 hours and if you are denied, it means that we may see shortcomings that we want you to fulfill before you can become an admin.

What happens if I can become an Admin in WAFG?

You will get full access as Server Admin for all our servers and during 7 to 14 days time we will check you and if we see that you are a good Server Admin we will approve you after your test period and you will then be one of os and you will get more access to our servers than you get in someone else's server.

Discord Contact

Remember to introduce yourself in a good way do not start by writing please give me admin these questions will be ignored immediately. Present yourself by giving good and clear information, just like when you are looking for a job.