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We have recently moved our host to France, all servers are now located in france with different ports

Hats & Masks are back again to Zombie Revival

Our Website is still under maintenance

The fastest way to reach us is via Discord

Do you want to become a server admin? Contact us via Discord

Servers Page is under maintenance for small-resolution devices!

WAFG Servers!

ZOMBIE RIOT5.135.138.17:27016
AWP DEATHMATCH5.135.138.17:27019

WAFG Crazy DeahtMatch


WAFG craziest servers with a lot of action and a lot
of drama here you can have fun with a good VIP
system and access to !skins and good music.
It's all about team work and respecting all players.


de_dust2 #1

cs_office #2

WAFG AWP DeathMatch


One of the last AWP servers that exist but also one of the best
with good quality and a lot of action you also have access to
several different weapon skins

AWP DeathMatch

WAFG Zombie Revival


One of the best Zombie Revival servers you
can play in a lot of thingshave happened here
since we went to v2 you also have a !shop system
that is filled with different features and things
you can use to make yourgame more fun

Zombie Revival

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