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About Us

We are an international game community that only invests in (Counter Strike Source). We welcome all players from all over the world and all languages are also welcome in our (CSS Servers) and our (Discord Server). We always use translation software to understand all players who speak different languages. WAFG can provide a safe place to play and offer various mods to play (ZOMBIE MOD) (DEATHMATCH MOD) (AWP (MOD). We started WAFG in 2020 to create a fair place for everyone and always take care of (LOYAL PLAYERS ) & (NEW PLAYERS) and everyone should always feel welcome in WAFG our servers are very unique and offer good and high performance. We who run WAFG are adults who are responsible for all actions and always prioritize that all players should be safe when they play here because we are not only a game server because we follow international rules where we do not allow any bullying or harass other players and we absolutely do not allow racism in our servers therefore it does not belong in game hosts these opinions are always punished in our servers. We also do not allow players who cheat, these players unfortunately end up in ours (BAN LIST). We always have fair rules, which you can also read about here on our website, and when we make mistakes, we take action to correct them..

WAFG can offer you a safe place to play because here we don't tolerate people who are toxic or racist we want to stand up for Counter Strike Source value because the game is old and it needs good people controlling a CSS Community today. All our servers are configured correctly and have high quality and good performance

WAFG is built with respect and love and thanks to all of you who play here and support us.

WAFG is managed by the best team

Our Admins always do a good job in WAFG and will ensure your requirements and do a good job to keep all our servers in good balance and take care of all players. We listen to you as players and we work for you it is thanks to you that we do everything we do in WAFG and we are always on your side who do the right thing