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If you are interested in becoming (ADMIN) in WAFG we have strict rules and are very careful with who we choose as (ADMIN) we are like a family in WAFG and WAFG is run by loyal friends who have known each other for many years precisely because of this we don't want problems with admin abuse in our servers. Should you apply to become an admin in WAFG, we recommend that you answer all our questions very carefully and sacrifice time to write a very good admin application, otherwise you must be prepared to be rejected if you write a bad admin application. WAFG only wants normal people who know how to behave and show respect for should your TEAM and WAFG players and can team work without toxic attitude or racist views because we are an international game community we have players from all over the world so sometimes be prepared that you can having to use translation software to understand each player because English is not a requirement in WAFG. Being an admin is a big responsibility you should be available and have a good online status during normal conditions and of course we respect every admin that they have a life and cannot be online every day. Before applying for an admin, you should check that you have the correct hours to become an admin in WAFG, at least 1 week of playing time in WAFG is required, i.e. 168 hours. Never be afraid to make your admin application even if you don't have a lot of game time, we sometimes make exceptions especially for people we know but are also willing to give everyone a chance.

1: write an introduction about yourself and describe yourself as a person before answering all the questions

2: how long have you been playing css ?

3: what do you know about WAFG? please describe as much as you can

4: where are you from? do you study or do you work? and how old are you ?

5: how long have you played in WAFG and in which server?

6: which server is your favorite?

7: do you know someone from WAFG staff and who?

8: do you have friends who play in WAFG?

9: can you tell in detail why you want to become an admin in WAFG ?

10: have you read our rules, do you know how our community works?

11: have you visited our website wafgamers.com? where you can share a lot of information that is important even if you are a player or an admin

12: how would you handle a player who cheats in WAFG do you think they deserve a second chance?

13: Don't forget to go to our rank system and copy the link to your profile and copy paste it in your admin application because we need to know who you are

14: Now copy all the questions save them in a txt file or in a Microsoft Word document and answer all the questions and write very seriously and when you are done with your admin application you contact us via Discord + don't come and ask us how to write an admin application you will be denied immediately